muerte por un sueño

Premiere March 25 in GRANADA megarama cinemas

Premiere March 31, April 1 and 3 in Seville Cine Nervión Plaza

Presentation Tokyo Art Fair 2022

New collection
“A new world”
by Antonio Donaire

Next exhibition October 2022. Launch NFT March 2022

Antonio Donaire

Artist & Director

My life changed when I discovered ART and it opened up a new world for me. A world where I can draw illusions and fantasy, to create freedom and magic. Photography and painting bring us closer to our essence. Perhaps a new world is possible. We are all unstoppable.

I currently work painting with graffiti, acrylics, oil,… mixing it with my own photographs. As a film director, my first feature film “El Secadero de Iguanas” is available on different digital platforms such as Amazon Prime, Movistar, etc.

Preparing the next theatrical release of my feature film “Carmen. Death for a Dream” on March 25, 2022. Launching my next art collection “A New World” on the NFT market next March 2022. Selected at Tokyo Art Fair 2022 and Paris Art3F 2023. 

Antonio Donaire Director y Artista

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carmen todo por un sueño


Next theatrical release
March 2022

Premiere of the new film by Antonio Donaire 

tokyo art fair 2022

Exhibition "A New World"

by Antonio Donaire

NFT Artworks Launch in March 2022.

Next exhibition, Tokyo Art Fair 2022 presentation in October.



new world antonio donaire

New World

Collection “A New World”

its a rainy day antonio donaire

It’s raining Ethereum

Collection “A New World”

paradise antonio donaire


Collection “A New World”

new world II Antonio Donaire

New World II

Collection “A New World”

Unstoppable Antonio Donaire


Collection “A New World”

I want You

I Want You

Collection “A New World”

Lova + Ether Antonio Donaire

Love + Ether

Collection “A New World”


Antonio Donaire

For hiring as well as enquiries about my works you can contact me here



carmen muerte por un sueño

Carmen muerte por un sueño

A film by Antonio Donaire. 62 min. Drama, Color

el secadero de iguanas

El Secadero de Iguanas

A film by Antonio Donaire. 81 min. Drama, Color

Solo amanece si estás despierto

Coming soon

Solo amanece si estás despierto

A film by Antonio Donaire. 75 min. Drama, Color

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