Antonio Donaire


My current works are based on graffiti paintings, acrylics, oil paintings,… mixed with my photography. I am preparing my next art collection “A New World” for the NFT market in March 2022.

tokyo art fair 2022

“A New World”

Launch of NFT artworks in March 2022. Next exhibition in October 2022, presentation TOKYO ART FAIR 2022.

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My works

new world antonio donaire

New World

Collection “A New World”

its a rainy day antonio donaire

It’s raining Ethereum

Collection “A New World”

paradise antonio donaire


Collection “A New World”

new world II Antonio Donaire

New World II

Collection “A New World”

Unstoppable Antonio Donaire


Collection “A New World”

I want You

I Want You

Collection “A New World”

Lova + Ether Antonio Donaire

Love + Ether

Collection “A New World”

Notes of interest


D. Francisco Borrás Verdera

Critique by Professor of Drawing and Doctor of Fine Arts at the University of Seville



“The painter makes us dream and think, and Antonio Donaire does it with energy and creativity in his painting to make colour a clear moment of recreated imagination, Inventing places for painting. Claiming abstraction as a way of understanding nature and its environment in eternals Ways of St. James, where the filmmaker inspires the painter’s palette. His expressionist abstraction is a metaphor for reality, transforming the absent into the present. The magical fantasy of colour and form are combined in his work, creating a perfect marriage in the creation of images. The pictorial search for the essential leads him to a reality reduced to an idea or concept. That reality to represent the essential, transcending the concrete reality turns his painting into universal messages. As a connoisseur of cinematographic space as an art of time and space, he transfers its virtues to the prism of painting: the handling of light on the canvas; the framing and the possibility of reflecting movement through abstract expressionism, creating an atmosphere of calm and chromatic and expressive serenity.

The tonalities of his work mark the spatial sense of his paintings, showing between cold and warm colours united by balanced strokes of plastic volumes. In his work, colour surprises with daring approaches and points of view where colour modifies the volume of the forms, showing conceptions of colour in its maximum expression. His ability to explain himself through painting goes far beyond conscious abstraction.

A portrait is not complete without talking about the person, and Donaire is a simple man, with a deep heart and a noble spirit. I wish him all the best and I hope that through his painting and his cinematographic contributions he will continue to narrate the evolution of the world around us”.

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Antonio donaire

Exposition Donaire 2.0.